Armstrong Building Maintenance

Green Cleaning

Armstrong Building Maintenance is concerned about the environment and yet we still want to provide you with a clean facility which is 
why we choose to use products and equipment that are green and sustainable. Green Cleaning is important for the environment and it is much more than just switching from traditional to green cleaning products. At many of our commercial accounts we utilize specialized chemicals and participate in recycling programs already in place.

Our program includes:
  • Utilization of HEPA filtration vacuums to minimize particles in the air and emptying vacuums daily to ensure the most efficient collection of dirt particles
  • Use of micro-fiber cloths, mops, dust mops and dusters which reduce air born pollutants and are reusable
  • Practicing office cleaning procedures that reduce pollutants in the air such as spraying chemicals onto rags instead of releasing aerosols into the air
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals that are Green Seal Certified and use a proportioning system to reduce waste
  • Carpet cleaning maintenance also reduces the possible irritants that live in carpet fibers
  • Routine cleaning services above the required frequency of areas that are often high in germs such as restrooms and door fixtures
  • Recommend high efficiency restroom dispensers such as center pull roll towels, hands free dispensers other high capacity dispensers for foam soaps and coreless toilet paper