While our retention rate for employees is exceptional, we are always open to adding new talent to our team. The management team cares greatly for our employees and makes it a priority to build personal relationships with every member. In effort to provide the best service to our customers and fill our employees’ confidence, we strive to ensure our staff is uniform, organized, and well-trained.

Orientation & Training

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The purpose of our orientation and training program is to provide each new employee with safe work procedures together with clarification and reinforcement of our company policies. For this purpose we have incorporated a combination of classroom and on-the-job training. The new employee is required to complete a four phase process prior to permanent job placement.

A Four Phase Process

Hiring Process

Phase 1: Employee Orientation
Employees are supplied with an employee handbook and are familiarized with all information at the initial orientation class.

Phase 2: Training Program
New employees are assigned to a routine in our initial training program. The purpose of this training is to familiarize the employee with chemical usage, cleaning techniques, equipment usage, and care and use of all equipment. The performance of the employee is constantly monitored and evaluated by a supervisor.

Phase 3: Temporary Assignment
After successfully completing the initial training program, the new employee is placed on our personnel “backup board”. The employee will fill in for absentees while further evaluations are performed.

Phase 4: Permanent Assignment
Upon satisfactory completion of an initial training assignment, a new employee is placed in a permanent job assignment. Care is taken to familiarize each employee with the routine and specific requirements for the account. The employee’s performance is evaluated daily by the site supervisor for the first six weeks and on a quarterly basis thereafter.

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