Cleaning Process

AmplifyClean™ is an advanced approach for disinfection and sanitation that broadens infection prevention nationwide. At Armstrong Building Maintenance, we plan for your safe and healthy environment through a three step process:


We evaluate individual customer requirements.


We manage and tailor programs to meet those needs.


We track progress to achieve goals and deliver results.


Providing an Innovative & Effective Approach to Cleaning
In facilities where people work, live, and play, illness-causing germs can quickly spread on surfaces. Manual cleaning methods and traditional disinfecting tools aren’t designed to effectively reach all areas, leaving facilities and tenants at risk of illness.
Today, illness and infection have larger impacts than ever before so having the confidence that your facility is maintained to the highest standards is vital. Armstrong provides an efficient, reliable, and powerful cleaning method to ensure all surfaces – front, back, and sides – can be properly disinfected and sanitized.
A Revolutionary New Way To a Healthier Facility

Clorox® Total 360® System

Armstrong is proud to be the only maintenance company on the island of Hawaii to offer a system that pairs an electrostatic sprayer with a portfolio of Clorox® disinfectants and sanitizers. Electrostatic technology enables superior coverage with Clorox® trusted solutions in those hard-to-reach, difficult-to-clean areas. Clorox® Total 360® Electrostatic Sprayer delivers more uniform, wraparound coverage to target surfaces than current sprayers on the market today.

Superior surface coverage helps provide better protection from the spread of germs and keep facilities healthier, while also saving time and money. Designed with the end-user in mind, the system is built for maximum efficiency with minimal waste.

Looking for Commercial Cleaning or Maintenance Services?

For over 50 years, Armstrong remains focused on delivering comprehensive commercial cleaning services and maintenance services to clients in Hawaii.