Education Facilities

A Comprehensive Approach to Cleaning Schools, Universities, and Colleges

Armstrong understands the unique challenges with cleaning and maintaining educational facilities. We deliver expert commercial cleaning for schools, universities, and colleges. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces to reducing the spread of bacteria and germs in all areas of the facility.

Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Cleaning Services

Prior to COVID-19, industry reports show that infectious diseases account for more than 20 million lost days for students, staff, and administration each year. At Armstrong, we partner with our clients to identify the most effective commercial cleaning services from the lunchroom to the common areas.

From treating and deep cleaning surfaces to managing general janitorial needs, Armstrong works to deliver a clean learning environment throughout your educational facilities.

Looking for Commercial Cleaning or Maintenance Services?

For over 50 years, Armstrong remains focused on delivering comprehensive commercial cleaning services and maintenance services to clients in Hawaii.